Our Members

African Relief Fund (ARF) aims to provide humanitarian aid and sustained development projects to the poor, co-operating with local people, governments and other NGOs.

African Development Trust (ADT) aims to help those affected by war and humanitarian disasters with emergency relief. It is also provides long-term development programmes to tackle poverty at the roots.

Human Development Concern for Horn of Africa (HUDA) aims to serve the most destitute people in the Horn of Africa by caring for individuals, families and communities.

Mudug Foundation for Education Development (MUFED) aims to improve the quality of education while positively contributing to other community initiatives including relief efforts and research based projects.

Women of The Horn Association (WoTHA) aims to promote the well-being of women in the Horn of Africa and their families by relieving poverty, sickness and distress.

Horn of africa Aid (HAA) is working in the most dangerous conflict zones of the region and from its inception it has delivered quality services to those in real need.