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The Somali Relief and Development Forum is an umbrella organisation supporting Somali-led charities registered in the UK. We work through our membership organisations to provide a platform for relief and development projects and advocacy missions.

Whilst our main focus is on the operational side – delivering humanitarian aid and development projects – we are also a forum for debate and discussion that puts the Somali voice at the forefront for a sustainable and more prosperous future for all Somalis.

We envision a united Somalia in which the voices of poor, vulnerable people and communities are heard, so they may live in safety and prosperity.

Our mission is to meet the vital and urgent humanitarian needs of millions of vulnerable people, especially women and children, across the Horn of Africa, and thereby build a strong basis for long-term development.

Click the link to view SRDF’s Annual Report, 2012-2013: Annual Report

Click the link to view SRDF’s Annual Report, 2011-2012: Annual Report